How much do the video resources cost?

The membership plans have options that range from a Silver to a Platinum membership. No further subscription fees and no ongoing costs.    They range from $9.99 to $59.99.  All programs are inclusive of GST and are in Australian dollars. Payment is by way of Paypal once you have registered a user account.

How do membership options work?

The Silver and Gold membership are one off-payments that give you access to the exercise and videos for the timeframe listed. The platinum membership is a monthly recurring payment that will automatically be debited from your payment used on each cycle (eg, monthly).  Please note if you wish to discontinue your membership please notify Kylie or you will be automatically billed on the next billing cycle.  You can then sign up for a different membership if you so wish.

Can I view for free before access?

In the Video exercise resource library there is a small clip of the video for you to see what the layout and content is like. You will have peace of mind regarding what you are paying for. 

How long have I got access for?

Once you have purchased a membership plan you will get access to that content for a period of  1-6 months from the purchase date (depending what you have signed up for). During this time you will be able to access all content that is part of the purchase as well as every secured exercise and video in the libraries. After the time period is up your access will expire but before this you will be notified by email of the expiry of your purchase and be able to re-purchase the same or other content.  You will get access to the exercise and video libraries for the period of access you have subscribed to (e.g. 1-6 months). 

What do the rules and pre-requisites mean?

These rules are in place to make sure you follow videos correctly and at the right timing for optimal recovery. It is important to follow the guidance of your physiotherapist in which rehabilitation exercises they provide. These guidelines are set and designed to help make sure you don't progress into a more difficult stage or exercises until you have meet the movement requirements or guidelines set by Kylie or your physiotherapist. It is important you can perform prior exercises correctly, adequately and enough volume with a benchmark for progressions. 

Should I see a physiotherapist as well?

The videos in this site are not designed to be a replacement of seeing a Physio. I strongly encourage the requirement of seeing a physiotherapist to diagnose, provide hands on treatment and prescribe the correct exercise and rehabilitation program that fits your symptoms and injury status. 

Kylie's clients - have clearance and guidance as to which exercise rehabilitation level they are at and therefore which exercises are appropriate to them as an individuals. Please clear with Kylie prior to starting an exercise she has not prescribed. 

If it is not Kylie that you see as your physiotherapist  it is highly recommended to 'Check-in with your physio for assessment, prescription and for them to monitor the progress of your rehabilitation.


This resource will help to guide you with technique and offer ideas for rehabilitation, keeping you on track and get the maximum benefit and results out of the rehab program and the best possible outcome.