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A physiotherapist is an autonomous health professional skilled to provide a holistic approach to diagnosing of motor function. A physiotherapist has expertise in movement and exercise prescription. Physiotherapy involves interventions to help promote function and movement correction, prevent and manage injury, and promote and rehabilitate physical, psychological and emotional factors. Physiotherapists empower individuals and give them the tools to help manage their own injury or movement dysfunction outside the clinical setting.


Develops and restores body movement and function through diagnosis, manual techniques and exercise prescription.

Physio and patient conduct online assessment on the computer

Online Physio Consultation

Establishes diagnosis of symptoms, education and guidance around self-management. Provides treatment plan and goals for long term health. 

Running Assessment

Physiotherapy biomechanical analysis of running technique, guidance and cueing. Strength program to complement your running.

Physio and patient conduct in person running assessment on the treadmill

Running Program

Running program designed and based on the runner's individual aerobic capacity.

Available online

Physio running on a track

Strength program

Online strength program individualised to the client.

Available online

Physio doing strength training in the gym with a dumbbell
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