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Online Physio Consultations

What is an online physio consultation?

Online consultations for existing and new patients.


High standard physiotherapy health care in your own home.

Fees & More Info

Initial Consultation:

45 Minutes $160.00

Follow Up Consultation:

30 Minutes $145.00

What does an online consult look like?

The appointment would take place online, in the comfort of your home through your chosen device. 

What do I need?

Yourself, a computer or phone and any information on what you would like help with.

How will a physiotherapist be able to help me?

As a physiotherapist, I am skilled in asking appropriate questions to assess and diagnose your current situation. Once I establish a diagnosis, I can educate and advise you of what you can do in the coming days to manage your symptoms, and establish a treatment plan. We will set out a plan for short and long term goals. We will provide a plan for home/park based rehab exercises for longer term health and recovery.


To find out more or make a booking, click on the link below.

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