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Strength programming

This is for anyone looking to improved their strength through a physiotherapy guided approach 

Personalised strength

Weekly payment 

  • Weekly online program (updated through true coach app). Videos and descriptions to help 

  • History and injury screening

  • Strength guided plan customised to your individual goals with physiotherapist approach

  • Weekly communication with Kylie

12 week strength program

One off payment 

  • 12 week online program using true coach app, videos and description to help guide

  • Communication every 4 weeks

  • Strength guided plan with progressions written by a physiotherapist for anyone wanting to start or get back into strength training at home or in the gym. 


Personalised running & strength program

 Weekly payment

  • Assessment of running style considering any injury 

  • Running and strength program designed for you based on your aerobic capacity 

  • Running 2-3 x per week

  • Strength 2 x per week

  • Weekly communication with Kylie 

To find out more or make a booking, click on the link below.

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