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About the Functional Videos

Physio Clearance

To all clients & users of this site:

The videos on this site are not designed to be a replacement of seeing a Physio.  Kylie strongly encourages the requirement of seeing a physiotherapist to diagnose, provide hands on treatment and prescribe the correct exercise and rehabilitation program that fits your symptoms and injury status. 


For clients who have been treated by Kylie within the last 12 months:

Kylie has clearance and guidance for clients as to which exercise rehabilitation level they are at and therefore which exercises are appropriate to them as an individuals. Please clear with Kylie prior to starting an exercise she has not prescribed. 


If it is not Kylie that you see as your physiotherapist, it is highly recommended to check-in with your physio for assessment, prescription and for them to monitor the progress of your rehabilitation.


This resource will help to guide you with technique and offer ideas for rehabilitation, keeping you on track and get the maximum benefit and results out of the rehab program and the best possible outcome.

Exercise Videos & Resources

Each video is exercise demonstrating  "how to do the exercise".  The resource is to remind you of the technique required. 

There are also videos of exercise progressions with  levels to show how to increase (or decrease) the difficulty of the exercise should it be appropriate.


Have a confirmed diagnosis of an injury by a physiotherapist or health professional.  Have seen a physiotherapist for assessment and clearance to perform these exercises - they are designed to remind you of form and a 'how to' guide.

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