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Melbourne Marathon

Tailored running program
Individualised strength program

Are you training for the Melbourne Marathon and looking for a training plan that will help you achieve your goals? Check out my Melbourne Marathon training programs, designed by a sports physiotherapist with years of experience working with runners.

Kylie understands that every runner is different, with their own unique strengths, weaknesses, and goals. That's why I offer individualised training programs to help you reach your full potential:

a 12-week program and a 16-week program.

Kylie is also happy to work in other time frames, please get in contact

Strength program for the runner
Looking to add strength into your training 


  • ConsultationMovement assessment & Injury screening

  • Strength guidance & physiotherapist guided plan

  • Workouts customised for your individual goals  

  • Online management, feedback and communication weekly 

  • Use of true coach app (free to download) with your exercise program, plan, videos and guidance of exercises

  • 12 week customised strength program to follow

Individualised Run program


  • Assessment of your running style, considering your injury and/or symptoms 

  • 12 and 16 week programs (with flexibility)

  • Running program designed for you based on your aerobic capacity, using training peaks. 

  • Running strength program tailored to your goals, based on aerobic capacity and science. Set with paces, and times to follow 

  • Access to our mobile app, where you can track your progress.

  • Regular check-ins with Kylie to track your progress and adjust your plan as needed

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