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What does an online consultation look like?

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Times are changing and we are offering ONLINE consultations.

For those who are unfamiliar or very familiar with visiting the physiotherapist in clinic... you might be wondering: How does an online consult work? How would it be of the same value as a face-to-face consult?


- We would schedule you an appointment time just like normal. However, this appointment would take place online, in the comfort of your home through your chosen device.

What do I need?

- Just you and information on what you would like help with.

How will the physiotherapist be able to help me?

- As physiotherapists, we are skilled in asking appropriate questions to accurately assess and diagnose your current situation.

- Once we establish a diagnosis, we can educate and advise you of what you can do in the coming days to manage your symptoms, and establish a treatment plan.

- We will set out a plan for short and long term goals.

- We will provide a plan for home/park based rehab exercises for longer term health and recovery .

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