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Online programming 

Individualised strength program
Personalised running program

For over a decade, I've helped athletes get back to peak performance from injuries. In doing so, I have developed individual tailored, sustainable and easy to follow programs for people of all abilities who want to improve their strength, running and sports performance whilst minimising the risks of injury.

Strength program for the individual


ConsultationMovement assessment & Injury screening

Strength guidance & physiotherapist guided plan 


Workouts customised for your individual goals  

Online management, feedback and communication weekly 

Use of true coach app (free to download) with your exercise program, plan, videos and guidance of exercises

12 week customised strength program to follow 


Individualised Run program



Assessment of your running style, considering your injury and/or symptoms 

Running program designed for you based on your aerobic capacity, using training peaks. 

Running strength program tailored to your goals, based on aerobic capacity and science. Set with paces, and times to follow 

Check in on progress with modfications

Weekly communication with Kylie 

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