Physiotherapy is something you do, not something you get

Why physiotherapy?

Injury diagnosis

Subjective and objective examination through clinical differential diagnosis. 

Exercise rehabilitation

Evidence based injury management, functional exercise rehabilitation, pathology management

Management & rehabilitation

Establishing a plan for rehabiliation

Evidence based injury management, diagnosis and education.

Manual & Soft tissue Therapy

Dry needling, spinal moblisation, soft tissue techniques, muscle energy techniques, PNF, MWM, SNAGs, Maitlands, Mulligans techniques

Including: shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, foot, spinal, achilles 

Pre & Post Orthopaedic 

Athletic Screening & Assessment

Hollistic approach to management with biomechanical assessment and screening

Running screening & Assessment
Comprehensive video running technique and bio-mechanic assessment 
Advice on strength exercise to support your running program
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